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About us

By acquiring our products you help us close the circle of our future. With each product of PlanetListo you help save thousands of trees and reduce the carbon footprint.

The best choice for you

In PlanetaListo, we work to make the planet a better place to live, we offer you quality ecological products that will help reduce environmental pollution and combat climate change.

Tropical Leaves


Our mission is to design and manufacture useful and practical products using 100% recycled materials (mainly polyaluminum).

Tropical Leaves

Our vision is that in every home in the world, as well as in industries, offices, schools, one or more daily, useful, accessible and practical products are used; made from 100% recycled material.



You consume

Our process begins from the moment a product contained within a multilayer container is purchased.


You recycle

The containers must be correctly discarded at the different recycling points in order to continue with the process.

We transform

Within PlanetaListo The entire creative process is carried out to convert the already recycled material into useful products.


You buy

We have different products for the home, offices, schools and industries.


Our products

Man's interaction with his environment hangs by a very thin thread and the permanence or destruction of the place where we live rests on this subtle balance. The droughts and the subsequent problems derived from careless management of resources extinguished the Mayan civilization, which even with all its splendor could not avoid the consequences of a poor relationship with nature. In PlanetaListo We make products that are born from recycling and a deep respect for the habitat that we all share. Our items are made of polyaluminum (aluminum and plastic) that comes from recycling multilayer packaging, transforming them into useful and durable items to help protect our ecosystem. When you buy a product from PlanetaListo, you are contributing to this prevailing and necessary work.

Decorate your space with products
made with 100% recycled materials

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